Beware the Ides of March


Life is happening at break neck speeds. It’s not a mystery. I’ve heard others complain.

I look around and I can’t keep up. It gets me down. The other day I did the math. I’m awake more, so I should be getting more done.

But the sparkling colors and lights on my computer screen are often distracting. People complain about procrastination, but I complain about the temptress link in the corner of my browser to visit any number of worthless websites that do not contribute to my overall wellbeing.

Yesterday I took care of the Ferrari mess. I hope it’s taken care of anyway. There was an initial number provided and we agreed upon a sum of money for repair. That number has been transferred to the owner. Plus, some. I actually did a photo shoot on the house of the guy.

The last couple of days have been a stressful heap of anxiety with layers of tension so thick between Tina and I that we’ve had to hug it out in the middle of a fight. 

We’re not only working through this Ferrari shit, we’re working on hiring someone, which is more expensive than we originally planned. But I think it’ll be worth it to either: 1) hire someone and see how that pans out or 2) fail trying.

And we’re working through the growing pains of now that we’re eschewing event work and concentrating on interiors and portraits, it changes the dynamic of our post production work flow.

For instance, if we did an event, Tina would take on editing the photos down from, say, 500 images to 100. She did a batch color correction and straightening. I would take the 100 photos and finish them for my taste and then deliver. It made our work much more efficient. That way I could concentrate on other editing (video or interiors).

With interiors or video editing, I’m primarily the only one able to do the work. And it’s often hard and intricate tasks which I’ve managed to figure out over 18 years of experience. I can’t exactly impart 18 years of Photoshop experience onto Tina in a few minutes, let alone a few hours or days.

So we’re growing paining. 

I also want to be creating on the side. And I’m not. So it makes me cranky. I want to be creating vLogs as well as writing here. I study French in my free time (which I want to do), and I want to make sure to work out and have art time, draw and paint.

I also need downtime to watch a movie or TV show. Meanwhile, we have the TV show of our lives blaring on every possible broadcast device all around us all the time. It’s Mr. Trump’s TV bonanza and it’s about as dumb as TV could get, but it’s on all the time, 24/7/365. And anyone who says, “Just turn it off …” they aren’t living in reality. This train wreck is bombarding all of us all the time and even when you cover the mess with a thousand pillows and try to suffocate the sound, the muffling noises of Trump’s inanity creeps out.

You have a guy who is addicted to headlining the day. A guy who purposefully lies to our allies and jokes about it. A guy who thinks marriage is between himself, his third wife, prostitutes, porn stars or anyone he can get his filthy paws on. And not only do his base of “conservative”, “family-centered”, “righteously moral” herd of sheep overlook it, they GUSH over his MAGA bullshit.

I was raised in a land where “moral relativity” was the absolute worst part of modern culture. I was taught that Christians were the beacons of anti-relativity because their set of clear, indistinguishable laws handed down to humanity directly by God himself separates a certain group of believers from the rest of evil humanity who is marching straight into the fires of hell.

But every time I get a glimpse of Trump TV (which includes radio, internet, and smoke signal broadcasts), I am reminded of why I left that bullshit. And it unnerves me with every new layer of the endless peeled layers of onion.

All TrumpTV is doing is dividing the U.S. with a deeper and more increasing chasm. The righteous right points at the media as if it’s at fault for the chaos. I don’t believe that’s true at all. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this shit out.

TrumpTV is a Sesame Street cartoon and its fans are all acting like Children screaming and crying if they don’t get their way.


I had to get that off my chest for a second.

Now. Move on.

The photo above is me, in my socks, on an interiors set. I often like to see what the light looks like on a person that I’ve set up for an interior.

so that’s what it looks like … 


One thought on “Beware the Ides of March

  1. I absolutely agree with you. I also left that self righteousness of Christians behind me. Morality isn’t the sole belonging of believers. It is a human characteristic belonging to anybody who chooses to live a decent life. You really have a bad time with Trump

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