Who did it better?


Last Friday, we were on a location shooting product images for a client of ours. It was a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am slam through as many pieces as possible. The pieces we were photographing aren’t for a main catalog, but more for selling several samples to get move some stock out and new stock in.

We arrived at a leather chair, the I’m sitting in above, and one of our client’s said, “R Kelly used this chair in a photoshoot. It’s famous.”

He pulled up the image on his phone, and I immediately locked down the camera and tried a quick replication of it. Of course I was wearing my little booties that we used to try and keep the paper sweep clean.

We were on the move and being exact wasn’t exactly in the cards, but the one we got above makes me laugh.

And at the moment, we didn’t have access to a cigar or a tumbler of scotch. Oh well, next time we’ll be prepared.


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