First weeks are always the best learning experiences

Last week was our first week with an employee. He’s a part-time employee, but an employee nonetheless. I’ve lived 42 years and it’s been a dream to have a company of multiple people for some time.

Dreams, dreams … they do come true.

I’m not sure what I expected out of this week. The guy we hired, his name is Nikhil, I think he’s going to do great. He’s edited a few different videos of us, which I am enjoying. He did the above video recently, and he’s got a few more on his plate.

I also want him to shadow me to see if I can teach him anything. Last week, we were on locations two days and the other three days he was in our home office. I gave him his own space in our second room that we use as my gear closet, clothes closet, and guest bedroom.

My hope with the whole thing is that he’ll want to learn as much as he can. And I hope that my point of view doesn’t strong arm him into a mild loathing that turns into a dissatisfaction.  Continue reading “First weeks are always the best learning experiences”