First weeks are always the best learning experiences

Last week was our first week with an employee. He’s a part-time employee, but an employee nonetheless. I’ve lived 42 years and it’s been a dream to have a company of multiple people for some time.

Dreams, dreams … they do come true.

I’m not sure what I expected out of this week. The guy we hired, his name is Nikhil, I think he’s going to do great. He’s edited a few different videos of us, which I am enjoying. He did the above video recently, and he’s got a few more on his plate.

I also want him to shadow me to see if I can teach him anything. Last week, we were on locations two days and the other three days he was in our home office. I gave him his own space in our second room that we use as my gear closet, clothes closet, and guest bedroom.

My hope with the whole thing is that he’ll want to learn as much as he can. And I hope that my point of view doesn’t strong arm him into a mild loathing that turns into a dissatisfaction. 

We’ve been busy the last few weeks and it’s made writing blogs difficult. I’ve been reading mainly in French so my reading diet his harder to talk about.

It’s weird. I know I don’t keep this blog a secret. But despite that I know my family reads here, too, they have a hard time admitting that they do. It makes for awkward telephone moments. “Did I tell you about X?” I’ll ask. “No, I don’t think so. But I mysteriously know about it as well,” they’ll say.

Secrecy. It’s what’s for family.

As for the Whole30 gusto, it’s definitely died down. Tina and I are still following a lot of its guidelines, especially in our own house. But we’re not tied to it anymore when we go to friends or to a restaurant, which is infrequent.

I have introduced some beer back in, but it’s limited to weekends and I would like to do it not at all.

With all this Facebook hoopla, people are leaving it in droves. Or they’re limiting their presence as much as possible. I feel tied to it as a marketing avenue, so I don’t think I have the strength to leave it quite yet.

But I read this article about how blogging is experiencing a resurgence. And it makes sense. People who want to express themselves are finding just how bad Facebook is. Not that blogging is a secret, but it’s a leaky conglomerate of stolen marketing data getting shipped off to whomever for whatever and it’s a pain in the ass.

Between fear that facebook will learn bullshit about me and the idea that my views are potentially shared with my friends, I try my ass off to be quiet. But the other day, a guy posted this book passage:

Because if something is wrong with your God, if your God is loving one second and cruel the next, if your God will punish people for all of eternity for sins committed in a few short years, no amount of clever marketing or compelling language or good music or great coffee will be able to disguise that one, true, glaring, untenable, unacceptable, awful reality.

The pursuant conversation is between a slew of semi “intelligent” white pastor types who are bringing up Calvinism vs Wesleyanism. They are arguing over whether hell exists or not. They are trying to identify the objective of the guy who originally posted it.

One guy explained that hell is undebatable while saying that he doesn’t understand why people don’t think he’s open minded.

What’s missing is that none of them recognizes that the problem isn’t for or against the message of the quote. The issue is not that of “God.” Or a false image of “Him” nor an accurate one.

These gents are debating an undebatable topic, an unseeable, completely unknowable topic. And they are doing it behind the veil of “intelligence.”

The question, at least to me, isn’t whether God needs better PR. The question isn’t really related to God, per se. The smartest people in the room could argue over the invisible merits of a completely fabricated person all day long. But if you, or you, walked into the room of a group of people arguing over someone who isn’t there, what would be your response? Would you want to meet him or her? Would you want to know more? Or would you be bored as fuck and leave, because topics that matter aren’t about someone you will NEVER meet except in the capacity of your imagination.

People say you’ll know the guy who’s not present by his writings, by his indefinable spirit, by the merits of his followers, lovers, and adorers. You’ll know Him by counting stars, gushing over sunrises or sunsets, gazing into the eyes of newborn babies, or nature’s unending, immeasurable beauty.

But the guy never shows up himself. He’s just discussed in quasi-literate, quasi-abstract, quasi-anthromorphized terms. He’s the superhero with super powers that you’ll only meet in the afterlife … so get on board.

I was at a dinner last night of Tina’s French class. It was hosted by a Thai woman and her husband. The attendees were Tina and me, Tina’s teacher who is an American with a crazy level of intelligence and experience, two Chinese young people who happen to be artists and an American woman who works in marketing.

The conversations ranged from politics to art. To Buddhism to communism. It was awesome. No one argued on what wasn’t there or not something we could discover on our own. We were wow’d by each person’s range of knowledge on different topics.

The absence of the “God” in the above passage wasn’t missed. Most people know that it’s not God that is missing or the wrong version of him is pursued. It’s that people — in general — aren’t pursuing what’s not there at all.

And that’s refreshing, fun, and much more interesting for a long dinner party with international strangers who became friends.






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