All the screaming is so apocalyptic

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On the way home from a job in the suburbs last week, Tina and I were beside two cars when one rear-ended the other. The rear-ender car was driven by a teen girl who — after the accident — looked up from her cell phone in shock that she had taken the bumper off the car in front of her.

“What a fucking idiot!” I might have screamed.

Yesterday, I saw the above message shared on Facebook. It reads:

Dear “Ban Gun” teenagers.
11 teens die a day from texting and driving.
Let’s ban your cell phone too.
Also, your car.

If you’re a sentient being, you’ve likely seen many similar “gotcha” messages from gun toting hillbillies attempting their hand at cleverness. 

I really don’t know of anyone screaming for anyone to “ban guns”. The message is to make it harder to get guns especially with people who shouldn’t have them.

We all know that’s a complicated business, but that’s the message I’ve heard on the left. It’s not ban guns. It’s make it more complicated to get guns. That’s it. I mean, broken records can only skip so many times!

And besides that, the message above is one of heavy regulation. I don’t know many drivers who aren’t for the idea that EVERYONE should put their phones down. Even people who drive while a phone is in their hand are likely for everyone ELSE putting their phones down.

Besides, to even obtain a license to drive from your state, you have to go through a process of driving lessons and testing. That process is approximately a year. One year to six months.

For a year before obtaining a drivers license, (privileged) 15 year olds must drive with an adult white knuckling their kneecaps for a year.

They must pass a drivers test run by the state.

They must have insurance to drive a car. Expensive insurance. And if they’re paying for it themselves, they might actually have a sense of the magnanimity of being cautious drivers.

Teenagers, once they’ve accomplished all that and achieved legal driving status, must then drive while texting and get into their first accident. In the event that they live or the driver and passengers of the other car survive, there’s insurance to cover the cost of medical bills and damaged property.

If the parents are worth a good god damn, they would have told their kids a thousand billion quadrillion times to not drive and text.

Not to mention, if they’re aware, they would have seen a thousand billion quadrillion signs at school and in public to not text and drive.

We have a culture of people telling people of the dangers of texting/phone use while driving.

And if they get near me in my car and I see someone texting and driving, I give a pleasant HORN reminder that they’re doing something near my precious cargo that I find extremely fucking dangerous.

Frankly, I’m much more for “banning cell phones” than guns. Especially from teens.

I don’t see a similar difficulty level to obtain guns. And maybe if there were, maybe there’d be an uptick in safety levels at schools, movie theaters, public spaces and all.

Frankly, I wish there were a way to tell other people that violence is never okay. That gun ownership is a privilege and a responsibility. That life is precious. That we should all get along with those whom we don’t agree.

This country of beautiful people is being torn into bits by so many different forces. It’s no surprise that people resort to aggression and active, animalistic violence rather than using the brains in their heads to be calm and subdued to make good.


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