Happy Easter to us everyone …


Here’s wishing you and yours a happy Easter. Whether you celebrate Christ’s resurrection or not.

For me, Easter is a reminder of what I do not believe. I can’t help it. On the social media outlets, you have friends plugging “He is Risen” graphics.

You have crosses with sunrises and then cute bunnies hopping through thick green grass. Eggs in pastel colors next to images of impaled bodies with holes in wrists and feet.

The Holy Holiday obviously isn’t that great. We don’t get any days off from work for only the GREATEST feat of human imagination that has ever occurred, a man died and rose from the dead, and created a path for believers to live FOREVER in heaven while non-believers are tortured for eternity!

Yesterday, I was walking down the street and I noticed the greening of the grass and the blooms, and I couldn’t help but think about the influence that that might have had on people looking to celebrate the impending warmth and beauty that the changing seasons ushers forth.

Easter reminds me of conversations about being “open minded” to the prospect of a risen savior … and I say to myself, “I was open minded. I did believe. And my open mindedness landed me on this side of belief. The side that looks at a risen savior with a shrugged shouldered, “Meh.”

That’s the best we could come up with? A man who was brutally murdered to bridge the gap created after two people, whom I never met or cared for, decided to eat a fruit from a tree. That’s what gave us hell or heaven?

And somehow I’m the deficient thinker for not agreeing?

On Easter, I hypothetically think, “Okay, give it a try. Consider accepting this story of a sinless man giving his life so that I might live for eternity in heaven.”

And I furrow my brow and think, “Nope.”

Is it really the rough equivalent of a song, band, TV show, movie or president that 33% of people LOVE, but 66% are like, “What am I missing? This story does not appeal at all to me.”

I wrote that line above about feeling “deficient.” I can’t help but feel that way. I want to fit in with my family and friends. I just can’t accept their “truth” just like they apparently can’t accept mine.

The results are so catch22. Even though I don’t tell people they will suffer for not believing like me, their worldview tells them I will suffer for not believing like they do. It also tells them that they would suffer should the turn from their faith.

This phenomenon works on so many other topics. Consider for a moment “Free Speech” or “Gay Marriage” or “Abortion”. If I’m for the concept that gay people can marry, I’m somehow taking away the rights of those who don’t want that. I don’t think women should abort babies, but I don’t agree that we should take away a woman’s right to choose. But somehow that takes away the rights of someone who thinks abortion is NEVER okay.

If everything I consider as a “freedom” is considered taking away someone else’s freedom, we will never have a rational conversation …

If you’re free to disagree and I’m free to disagree, that’s freedom. By giving someone else a freedom to do something, I don’t take away your freedom to disagree or to tell me you disagree. You just don’t get to control my behavior just like I can’t control yours.

It’s dumb to talk about. But it’s what drives a wedge between too many of us.

The below GIF is me, even considering that I’m adding to this conversation. I can’t April fool myself either. Even if we took the hypothetical to the next level, and you brought Jesus in the flesh to me and introduced us, I’d still disagree that the concept that HE is the way to eternal life. But I love that you might have that faith and I strongly support your freedom to accept it, love it, and live it as you probably do.

Happy Easter!






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