The adventures of Meady Ogre Continue!


A couple of years ago, I created a character named Meady Ogre who lives in the Mad Max universe. The guy I used to photograph my idea is someone I think could live in the Mad Max universe. He’s a mechanic and super knowledgeable about the world of motorcycles and custom creations.

I asked him if he would sit for another portrait based on my 2018 Photo Challenge. April has a theme of “Unusual Angle.” So I did some plates of him wearing this scuba mask and then created a new world around him based on some Parisian photographs I took in the past.

Dip below the fold to see behind the scenes and the previous photos I did of Meady Ogre.

april portrait_0055.jpg




2 thoughts on “The adventures of Meady Ogre Continue!

    1. Hey Jude!

      It is Talulah Belle! That’s her friend … um … Anarchy. When we watch him sometimes, we call him Archie. He’s a sweet sweet boy but when people see him coming, they think he’s ferocious.

      Hope you’re well!

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