Fox News Host reads his hate mail … now this is a good sport


Holy damn, this is a great way to deal with one’s foes.


3 thoughts on “Fox News Host reads his hate mail … now this is a good sport

  1. Goodness,the people who commented there is doing pure hate speech.Most of them attack the man and not what he said.This is typical of the social media.Any moron can spew any shit around, without being reasonable! I see it here in ourcountry as well.People are attacking each other in the foulest language and with brain dead arguments.It is utterly disgusting.I think this guy did a good job to put the riff raff in place, but unfortunately that energy is wasted on the dumb.

    1. For sure! Personal attacks are ridiculous. I’ve found that when the matters are discussed though, with certain kinds of people, they misconstrue debating the issues as personal attacks. I’m not sure there’s any way to talk to these people.

      Since you’re not in the US, you might not know that FOX is a heavily pro-Trump, conservative network. So these people sit in front of their flicker boxes all day long addicted to confirmation bias, trump-driven obsequious drivel.

      So in the event that one of their personalities actually says something considered negative or critical of their glorious leader, they get hosed with complaints.

      I loved how this guy fielded the hysteria. 🙂

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