The they fear him like their deity

I saw the following today and I thought it deserved an echo:

Trump is white = the GOP and his supporters LOVE him

Trump is a bully = the GOP and his supporters LOVE him

Trump is a cheat = the GOP and his supporters LOVE him

Trump is a liar = the GOP and his supporters LOVE him

Trump is a womanizer = the GOP and his supporters LOVE him

As long as Trump is not black or a woman or a white man spouting “liberal ideas” they have their Messiah…their bar is SO low Death Valley is a mountain top

I read the above response in a discussion thread about Michael Cohen secretly taping Trump discussing payment to a playboy model.

My knee-jerk was, yeah, that’s pretty accurate. Especially the low-bar.

But then I thought, it’s not LOVE for Trump, it’s fear. They fear his wrath. They fear his crazy tweets. They fear what he’s going to do next. No one knows what he’s going to do. Just like another guy we all have heard of … 

Love me, fear me, no matter what I do!!!

What I was taught growing up was not to necessarily “love” God, but to fear him. However the definition of “fear” was described as a nuanced version of the word that pertained only to God. It was a mixture of love and recognition that God was all-powerful, all knowing and omniscient. He could choose to punish you, your loved ones, your country, your enemies, at his whimsy and will.

God is likened to a king. It’s no secret (King of kings and Lord of Lords). And kings, while somehow good or bad to some, they are despotic. You shouldn’t look at them in the face. You should bow to them. You should obey their rules and regulations. They control your fate, and your vote doesn’t count or matter.

In the descriptions I was taught, God was in charge, so loving him, while a part of the puzzle, wasn’t good enough. Fearing him, his wrath, his control, his tweets, his (W)ord … was more important if not the most important part of faith.

It seems safe to assume that most Trump supporters qualify as a certain kind of evangelical believer. And it might be safe to assume that Trump is fulfilling the need of his followers to project their training for a fear-based leadership onto the personification of Mr. Donald J.

It doesn’t matter how immoral his character is, just like it doesn’t matter that God happily killed babies, killed EVERYBODY, will roast everyone who believes the fake news and doesn’t love him without question.

These are only a few reasons I find it impossible to believe in an invisible being. Why, then, would I love or fear someone who fulfills the a very similar list of personality traits?



3 thoughts on “The they fear him like their deity

  1. I enjoy your blog, because you give lots of info about what’s going on there. Sometimes we don’t understand everything, but with your help, things become clearer to me.

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