Breaking: 1988 is sooooo 30 years ago


The real-estate developer Donald Trump holds the World Wrestling Federation Championship belt, flanked by Wrestlers Hulk Hogan (left) and Andre the Giant at a news conference on March 15, 1988, in New York, announcing “WrestleMania IV” on March 27 at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.
Photo: Susan Ragan / AP

This series of photos at the Atlantic from 30 years ago is a mind-blowing jog down memory lane.

I was just 12 embarking on my teenage years come September. How about you?


I shot myself shooting myself

Tina left for the weekend to have a girls weekend up in Lake Geneva. She left on Friday and returned on Sunday, which flies by faster than I would like.

I look forward to the weekend as it gives me an opportunity to be reminded how much I love her. 😍

No kidding, the weekend flew by. While she’s gone, I take care of our dog Talulah by my lonesome, and it’s remarkably more challenging than you might think. Especially this past weekend. Talulah ended up with an upset stomach due to some butternut squash leftovers we gave her that included a few onions. The poor dog woke me up all night long on Friday with explosive diarrhea.

Saturday I was exhausted from taking Talulah down all night, so I ended up hitting the hay at 9 or 9:30.

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