Democrats want to welcome illegal immigrants with open arms!

Amid the recent controversy of separating kids from parents at the southern border of the United States, many democrats have begun a movement to abolish ICE, the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency.

Master of deflection Kellyanne Conway went on state-sponsored TV this morning and said:

“I’m not in charge of the Democratic Party’s messaging but I don’t understand it. I don’t understand why they and some of their neighbors in the mainstream media talk more about Russia than they do America. They talk more about abolishing ICE than abolishing ISIS. And we’re in very dangerous times and ICE, the men and women of ICE, they’re just doing their jobs.”

This kind of commentary drives republicans absolutely bonkers nuts and allows them to squeal with constipated consternation. They get to feed their fear deficits and reinforce their manufactured scaredy-cat desires that democrats want illegals to infiltrate the country, to suck from our collective teat of welfare programs, register to vote for democrats and destroy the fabric of our country.

Like many contrived partisan talking points, this is a bullshit controversy that neither “side” seems to have a strong handle on.

To many of my republican friends, eliminating ICE means welcoming illegals with open arms. To my democratic friends, it means letting our customs and border control personnel, which has been in place longer and much more effectively to continue to do their jobs.

Enforcing the law is a common point on both sides, but you wouldn’t know it if you just looked at facebook, or watched bullshit news stations.

You might even see shit like this:


What changed?


Nothing changed.

Do you hear that? I know you’re reading, Dad.


Stop falling for and spreading bullshit. 

Nothing changed except the republicans hope to stir up the base with baseless claims.

Nothing has changed except that the gullible have fallen for memetic partisan politics. When a person gets turned upside down by a meme, by a modern equivalent of a goddamn bumper sticker, you have to start digging a little for what you’re missing.

The history of democrats wanting law enforced at our borders has not changed. The legacy from Clinton, to Harry Reid to Hillary to Obama has NOT changed. The propaganda making it into the ears of the easily duped has changed.

It takes very little time to learn more about the stand democrats are taking. If you believe that democrats just want chaos in America, that they don’t want to keep out the drugs or gangs “pouring” over the borders, that they completely want to dish out handouts, well, you’d be sorely mistaken.

However, if you asked me, personally, what we should be doing as a country with people who escape their countries, risk their lives to enter our country, I said it best in the comments on this post:

We should act as the Christian nation we claim to be, and welcome families destitute and in search of work and safety … with open arms, feeding them, and clothing them. That should be our duty and honor. No cost spared.

And if they are criminals, we should forgive them, 70 x 7, and help them make it here in the states.

And we should find foster families for foster children … And we should live as if we know that this kind of behavior is better than acting superior to all others.

If we really are the rich country we claim to be, with people like Jeff Bezos piling up his billions or you might know about Betsy Devos and her husband’s 163 ft yacht, which as I’ve learned from hanging out with wealthy people and their boats or photographing their homes, you must staff these vessels. So if you have 12 guests, there are likely have at least half as many staff.

Surely we have a nation that can act as Jesus to those who suffer and need respite.



Or is the God of the Universe not big and rich enough to help a nation who wants to assuage the pain of others, heal their wounds and give them a safe place to lay their heads and make their livings, and raise their kids.

This luxury life is a drop in the bucket. How anyone thinks Devos or Bezos is more deserving of a luxury lifestyle as anyone else who lost the life lottery, I can’t even begin to understand. I did literally nothing to win the first few lotteries I won. I know I don’t deserve to be where I am. I work hard now. To keep my family fed and comfortable. But thank goodness I’m not so apathetic and filled with assholery when it comes to hoping we did more for those who are less fortunate while the fortunate flourish selfishly into levels of rich that no-one will ever need.

I won too many lotteries in my life not to want to pass along what I can to those less fortunate. I won the lottery of being born in a rich country. I landed the lottery of being adopted by amazing people and raised without so much of a worry. I won the lottery of being taught about unconditional love. I won the marriage and career lottery.

I think everyone should win a lottery, a lottery of unconditional love would be amazing, at some point in their life. We owe it to our neighbors.

If not, we should stop declaring this a “Christian” nation. Simple as that.



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