Approaching thoughts about people who identify as transgender

Tina and I have been watching the most recent season of Queer Eye on Netflix. On S2E5, the fab five work with Skyler, a trans man who recently had top surgery to make his chest flat.

In the episode, some of the fab five admit that they know very little about the transgender community and that they, as LGBTQ citizens, had to educate themselves on different aspects of who they (transgendered people) are, what they’re about and what’s going on with them. For example, stylist Tan France talked about how he lives in a bubble, knows very little about the trans community and isolates himself with his husband in their lives.

During the episode, Skyler talks about who his role models are, who are the celebrities he idolizes and why. He talks about the pain of looking at his chest and seeing breasts when all he wanted to see was flatness. Or how he hated his hips.

He lived for almost 30 years in a woman’s body, and all he longed for was to live as a man.

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