The Uminami Strandbeest is a helluva fun beast to watch.

From the Kids Should See This:

A new design that hearkens to Theo Jansen‘s original kinetic structures from the early 1990s, the PVC tube-constructed Uminami Strandbeest doesn’t get sand into its joints and requires no lubrication to move smoothly. Watch as it speeds across the sand on a beach, presumably not far from Ypenburg in The Netherlands where Jansen lives and works.

Desktop-sized Strandbeests are fun for all ages to build and play with. Kits are available from Elenco on Amazon or from Jansen’s site. You can build your own version or 3D print your own. Jansen has also created a 3D printed model that doesn’t require assembly.

Watch more strandbeest videos on this site.