Phew! Suspect arrested in bomb scare

Someone has been arrested in this 12-bomb scare. Thank goodness. This thing was getting out of hand. I only hope that it’s the right guy and that there aren’t more people involved!

What my head is consuming

Just like my food diet, my media diet ebbs and flows from mental junk food to healthy and everything in between. The below list is just a swath of things I’ve consumed over the past two months or more.

French Classes. I take French classes at my local Alliance Francaise, and it’s one of the single best things I do for myself. We talk about art, religion, science, dreams, aspirations, artificial intelligence, world events and ideas. It exposes me to a variety of ideas and a variety of standpoints, all en Francais! (A+)

The Midnight Line, by Lee Child. Page turner and all around fun story exposing the difficulties of opioid addiction and the military. (A-)

Origin, by Dan Brown. Enjoyed this page turner. Dan Brown has a way of keeping me interested and jumping into the next chapter even though my eyes are heavy. The atheist in the book wasn’t too annoying. I was hoping for more symbology. But a fun book. (A).

Where Good Ideas Come From, by Steven Johnson. Good ideas come from hard work and perseverance. Surprise! /s. The best thing I took from this book was that there is an Adjacent Possible, a doorway just to the left or right of a good idea that propels it into a GREAT idea. These ideas don’t happen easy or often. Enjoyed it, though. (B+)

True Detective, Season 2, HBO. Not a bad way to spend time. But I wasn’t in love with the series. Collin Farrell’s “southern accent” made me think of Sling Blade once or twice an episode. Vince Vaughn struggled with being a badass. Sometimes you just had to go with the flow. (B).

Jack Ryan (Amazon) Truly one of the worst shows ever. Started okay. But seven or eight episodes in, Tina and I turned it off. It was that bad. (F-)

Magic for Humans (Netflix). Fun show. Great for being dumbstruck to great magic. It constantly makes you wonder if there are camera tricks involved. It constantly pulls at your belief-o-meter. (A).

Lawrence of Arabia. One of my favorite movies of all time. Seriously. All must watch and adore. (A+).

Ready Player One. Not a bad way to be entertained. Great homage scene to The Shining. I didn’t hate the movie. But I didn’t love it. (B+).

Ocean’s 8. Yawn Town USA. I didn’t get into it. Not the characters, the story. Kinda fell asleep. C.

I feel Pretty with Amy Schumer. Dumb movie, but not the worst one in the world. The concept is great: average girl suddenly thinks she’s a 10 and acts like it. Funny parts. Entertaining. B-

Ozark, on Netflix. Simply the best show I’ve seen this year. Amazing writing. Great acting. Amazing twists. (A++)

The French Art of Not Giving a Shit by Fabrice Midal. Don’t be surprised if you get a copy of this from me for Christmas.  It’s a great peek into who I think I am and how I’m trying to go about life. It’s not a self help book. It’s a reminder to breathe. It’s a reminder to be yourself. It’s a reminder to not lock into one idea or faith or mindset or politic, because it’s excruciatingly painful for the people who love you. It reminds me of why I love the artistic, open minded fellowship that is around me. And why some people hurt us because they’re locked into bad ideas. (A).