I know what I want for Christmas! #TrumpyBear

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Also in the news:


  • A group of douchy high school boys pay tribute to their Nazi proclivities. Now why would a group of boys feel emboldened to salute their grandfather Greatgrandfather Adolf? 🤔


Father Of Parkland Victim Accuses Democrats Of Voter Fraud After Shooter Registers As Republican From Jail. Because that makes sense.


Man fired from job for voting while wearing the above “Mississippi Justice” t-shirt.


Here are 21 statements Lindsey Graham made about Trump between 2015 and 2018 starting with “A race-baiting, xenophobic bigot” to “A potential recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.”

You’re free to believe anything you want in this country as long as it is exactly what I believe and nothing else. #freedom #rings

Man loses his shit to some protesters. Tells them that Jesus hates them and for them to rot in hell. Ah, can’t you feel the freedom-loving goodness.