25 reasons to keep on creating stuff

Twenty eighteen has been a remarkable year for me. My network of friends has blossomed into a treasure trove of inspiration and strength. I’ve created more content than ever. Our commissions are more and more of exactly the jobs we want rather than a bunch of jobs we don’t. We hired a part-time employee. I’ve read more books than I have in years. I’m running, and feel my health his good. I’ve curbed certain addictions, like too much social media use and drinking alcohol to only a couple days a week, a huge step for me.

I, like too many, have experienced the familial fall out phenomenon associated with politics driving huge gaps between loved ones. Among other things, it’s a weekly if not daily challenge. The political climate, since long before Trump, long before Obama, has reached a screaming explosive point.

People blame Trump for familial differences taking its toll. My mind zooms back to the 2000s and a very divisive Bush. I imagine this bullshit isn’t necessarily new. But it seems that, perhaps, the social media world helps create a sense of challenging ubiquity.

An article over at the Atlantic discusses the political divide this way:

The new political divide is a stark division between cities and what remains of the countryside. Not just some cities and some rural areas, either — virtually every major city (100,000-plus population) in the United States of America has a different outlook from the less populous areas that are closest to it. The difference is no longer about where people live, it’s about how people live: in spread-out, open, low-density privacy — or amid rough-and-tumble, in-your-face population density and diverse communities that enforce a lower-common denominator of tolerance among inhabitants.

The voting data suggest that people don’t make cities liberal — cities make people liberal.

Feel free to read the entire piece.

Over at Kottke, I was turned on by a post based on a tweet encouraging us creatives to keep on creating. The way I see it, if you’re only consuming (and only complaining or sharing bullshit memes or shit someone else created for you, you’re part of the problem. If you’ve abandoned creation, in any of its forms, you should hang your head in shame. As should I.

Create. Create. Create.

Do your damndest to not let this disjointed drama suck your life dry of a goddamn pulse.

The below tweet is how it starts. Click on it to read all of them although I left very few out. I love them all.

Here’s a lot standout reasons:

1. Because you need to escape the fuckery, and what you make is a door. A book, a piece of art, even an excellent meal – it’s a doorway out. It’s the tunnel dug out behind the Rita Hayworth poster in your prison cell.

3. Because creation is . Making things is additive. And in a subtractive time such as this, you must balance the void with its opposite. That is an act of defiance. And we need more defiance.

4. Because stories and art change the world. Individually, collectively, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Art is a glorious mutator. It evolves you. It evolves us. And eventually, the world.

5. Because you Making Cool Shit also makes the Worst People mad. Good. Fuck ‘em. Make stuff that makes those monsters mad.

8. Because what you make will outlast this ungovernable fuckshittery. What you make are mountains. We will cling to their peaks. And when the Tides of Stupid recede, the mountains of what you made will remain.

9. Because it’s therapy. It’s therapy first for you, and if you share it, eventually for us, too.

12. Because you need to up your game. No matter the era, no matter the epoch, no matter how fucking goofy things get – YOU STILL GOTTA UP THAT GAME. And making things ups your game.

16. Because seriously, what else are you going to do, just sit here and stare at Twitter? It’s like staring into a blender full of chipmunks. Jesus, go make something, if only to find something better to do for the next hour.

23. Because you’re going to fail sometimes, and that’s a necessary thing. Failure is an inoculation. It bolsters your creative immune system. And in this ENDLESS CYCLE OF STUPID, you really, really need a strong intellectual and creative immune response.

24. Because art is beauty. Stories, poetry, craftwork, food, it’s all beautiful and this ugly world needs a dollop of beauty. There is beauty in both the act and the result of making stuff. So kick the shitstorm out of the sky with an aggressive rainbow counterattack.