Stock market nose dives, but it’s nothing to worry about, right? Right? Bueller? Anybody?

Since around 2015, the circles my wife and I are in, often conservative politically, have been warning of an impending downturn in the markets. The economy has experienced steady growth since 2010, and recessions and sometimes depressions follow strength.

Our financial advisor warned us it was to come over the past two years. And we photograph an event geared toward wealthy business people in Chicago, and they’ve been warning of a downturn since 2016 as well.

Then I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, who magically thinks the economy didn’t get better until January 20, 2016. He recently told me, “The economy is going to stay strong for the next six years.”

“Can I hold you to that statement?”

“Yes, yes you can.”

This is expected. In too many people’s minds, the economy somehow poofed into prosperity on January 20, 2016. And whatever magic juice and drugs they’re taking blows an impervious bubble that proves to them so long as the current president sits behind the resolute desk, the economy is gangbusters!

Well, dear reader, the economy is far from okay. The last two months have damned our ever growing retirement. The below screen cap shows just how plummet-y it’s gone in the last two months alone. Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 7.53.54 AM.png

This is scary.

In 2007, my income was sliced in half by the George W Bush economy plummet. We’ve been steadily doing better since the turn in 2010. And I’ll be damned. We’re not three years into Trump’s amazing turd of a presidency and he’s taking the ship down.

That same friend who thinks all will be fine so long as Trump is president also claims the tariffs aren’t hurting the economy. “We just won’t buy Chinese t-shirts. That’s all we get from them. Cheap goods. It’s them who will be hurt.”

Meanwhile, the design and architecture industries are taking a beating with skyrocketing prices on the goods and materials they’re using to build and decorate homes. “Cheap goods” you say?

Delusional delusions are all the rage, this holiday season.

The denier-in-chief is reportedly blaming his chief economic adviser Steven Mnuchin for the economic shift. If he’s so smart, why is this happening? quoth the orange turd crushing everything that’s great about this country.

Who would’ve thought a six-time bankruptcy businessman, two-time divorcé, sex fiend, megalomaniac, narcissistic sociopath and all around piece of shit would be capable of doing such a dastardly con job on the American Economy.

And not only would his blind, adoring fans not wince, they’d still praise him for all he’s done and will continue to do to destroy our great nation.

Of course they’ll blame the democrats and the election, despite that they won’t have the house until January. Despite the fact that the republicans have controlled the senate, house and the presidency for two whole fucking years and the house and senate since 2010.

This is all the democrats fault!


It’s going to be a magical holiday season.

All that money you thought you had, poof! Gone.

See, magic.