A thoughtful response to this tweet


Stan at TYWKIWDBI posted the above tweet with this response and it’s a breath of frustratingly fresh air. Frustrating because the tweet’s author is endlessly lying about errrrrrrrrrthing.

A snip:

 “There was not any discussion at the senior policy levels during the Reagan administration about fencing or a wall that I can recall,” Doris Meissner,

Be sure to check out the comment thread, which at the moment is only one Wall supporter and Stan.

Popular Science: The best of what’s new in 2018. Yes, please!

This list of what’s new in science in 2018 reinforces that technology is evolving at such an astounding rate. Take a look!

A snip:

Artificial intelligence mastered a lot of tasks in 2018. There are algorithms that win human debates, book dinners, eliminate checkout lines, tend gardens, spot plumbing leaks, and call for help when we trip and fall. But the machines aren’t completely taking over just yet. There’s at least one thing we’re sure even the savviest silicone noggin can’t do: put together Popular Science’s annual list of the year’s most pivotal, influential, and just plain awesome innovations.