Kent Hendricks: 52 things I learned in 2018

This list of 52 things Kent Hendricks learned in 2018 is a fun, distracting read. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Well, almost every bit of it.

Number 23 made me turn my head so fast I almost got whiplash:

23. How do you escape a T.Rex.? Just outrun it. The maximum speed of a T.Rex. is 12 mph, while most humans run 10 to 15 mph on average. (BBC)

My initial thought was: This is bullshit. I run at an average of around 7 mph in non-race jogging and around 8 mph in races. After some googling, it appears the science of outrunning a T-rex is referring to a sprint situation, which most people, me included, can’t do for longer than 100 meters (or yards).

So assuming that the T.Rex can’t run at 12 mph for longer than 100 yards, you and I would likely be okay. You’d both stop after 100 yards, the T.Rex a good 30 yards behind you, you both would be bent over at the the waist with your talons or hands on your knees, huffing and puffing.

But, if it was a longer run and you were at 8 mph and the T.Rex kept going at 12, sorry kids. Race is over. You’re T.Rex meat.

Regardless, it’s a good thing those beasts are extinct so you never have to test the science.

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