Jason Kottke sings the hits

In response to the Atlantic article  I posted yesterday about impeaching Mr. Trump, blogger-whom-I-look-up-to Jason Kottke wrote (emphasis mine):

Reading this, I was struck by a real sadness. What a massive waste of time the Trump presidency has been. America has urgent challenges to address on behalf of all of its citizens and they’re just not getting much consideration. Instead, we’ve given the attention of the country over to a clown and a charlatan who wants nothing more than for everyone to adore and enrich him. Meanwhile, the US government and a populace bewitched by breaking news is stuck in traffic, gawking at this continually unfolding accident. And we somehow can’t or won’t act to remove him from the most powerful job in the world, this person that not even his supporters would trust to borrow their cars or water their plants while on vacation. What a shame and what a waste.

My reoccurring thought about President Trump’s first two years has been exactly that: what a waste of our nation’s time. Don’t we have real issues to debate, conservative vs liberal? We don’t have time for a deranged egomaniacal lunatic to work out his starved narcism on the world stage. There are much more pressing issues at stake than manufactured embellishments and stubborn hyperbole.