Repost: TWKIWIDBI’s Trump Clump #6

I value Stan’s collections of Trump-related stories and material that he posts intermittently and then shuts down comments because of his variety of readers.

Most of the things in the post are repeats of things I’ve read, but at the same time, it’s astonishing to be reminded of all the bullshit that we read about, but because of the sheer volume of out-crazy-ing his own craziness, we forget about big stories as if they were somehow small stories.

I’ve been reading consensus on the inter webs that it’ll be a matter of a few years before the majority of Americans view this presidency as worse than Nixon’s. The assumption is that the hold outs will be comprised of white supremacists, under-educated and some aged folks.

Click here for Trump Clump #6. Here’s one of the videos he posted:

“Don’t give up. Don’t allow it to happen. If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, 
go through it, go over it, go around it, but get to the other side of that wall. 
 -Donald J. Trump

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