Holy moon shot! A Meteorite rammed moon during super wolf moon!

Something hit the Moon during the lunar eclipse on Sunday night. Reports are saying now it was possibly the size of a football but the calculations are still being done. Either way, this is the most epic footage I’ve shot in a long while. This was taken at Claiborne Park in southeast Texas. Amazing! My estimates: Time of impact: 10:41pm central Estimated magnitude: ~+7.0 – ? Impact location guess: Somewhere near Lagrange G crater

snowy day productivity

wittefini portrait_0297 oppose-jw.jpg

This past weekend was snowy and bitterly cold. I took that opportunity to experiment with some lighting ideas using our condo as a backdrop and ourselves as talent. I lighted us with a blue gel coming in from outside and individually lighted Tina with a red gel.

For my post-production, I cropped to be cinematic and I finished the images to be dark and moody. I left the blues in an other-worldly level and decided that it was a fun way to proceed.

I loved the results and I hope to use it on other talent in the near future. Enjoy these two images.

wittefini portrait_0297 down.jpg