The grocer will offer tabs to government workers … Says the man who thinks he’s treated unfairly by the press

I’m quite sure grocery stores all over America will rush at the chance to extend unlimited lines of credit to government workers.

Quite. Sure.


The Guardian: Adelaide breaks its all-time heat record, hitting 46.6C, in extreme Australia heatwave

Jiminy Christmas it looks hot in Australia right now. Look at them breaking records like it’s the Olympics.

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In Port Augusta, 300km north-west, an all-time record was also set, as the city hit 49.5C.

Last week, temperatures in Adelaide, home to 1.3 million people, hit 45C, sending homelessness shelters into a “code red”, and sparking fears of another mass fish death in the Menindee Lakes in the neighbouring state of New South Wales.

In central and western Australia, local authorities were forced to carry out an emergency animal cull, shooting 2,500 camels – and potentially a further hundred feral horses – who were dying of thirst.


Let them apply for loans!

Being old, rich, white and out of touch is Wilbur Ross’s middle name.