No excuses: movie making on iPhones

While I was running on Sunday morning in 8 degree temperatures, I passed two elderly women walking down the Lake Shore Path, one using a walker, the other with her hand under that woman’s arm. They were on a stroll.

I was running with my GoPro. I pointed the camera at them and once past them, I looked at the lens and said, “There’s no excuses. If they can be out here, no reason anyone cannot be out here.”

The above movie trailer is for a Steven Soderbergh film shot completely on iPhones called Unsane. There’s an article and discuss thread here.

Like any topic on ANYTHING, you have dissent and agreement. The response range is typical. But the message, at least to me, is clear. Storytelling is storytelling. Whether you do it on a $45,000 camera or a $1000 one. Or a $150 one. Making, generating and publishing content is easier than it has ever been. And I’ve been pushing myself to crank out as much work as I possibly can.

It’s part (im)mortality. Part creativity. Part instinct. Part necessity.

I need to create. I have no children. I claim to be an artist. So fucking art (as a verb), mother fucker.

That’s what I tell myself, anyway. And I guess I can tell you, too. If you’re so inclined.

Right now I’m creating a lot of content on a GoPro 7. It’s not excellent quality, but it works. I pick it up. I run out the door with it. I create with it. I don’t hate the footage. I don’t hate the sound. But I don’t LOVE it. But I’m not letting good stand in the way of perfection.

I, for one, am inspired.

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