Ending my 31 day alcohol fast

Last Thanksgiving, I knew I wanted to take January off of alcohol. Just like all the cool kids in the world who do Dry Januaries. Last year, I did the Whole30 diet from around Jan 15 to Feb/March, which ended up being 45 days off of alcohol. I felt so good during that time. But habits creep in and sometimes stress has a voice that’s louder than Reason and more powerful than Will.

Today is day 31 of my alcohol fast, and I’m going to end it today, only because I would LOVE a beer, but I don’t want to drink over the weekend. We have a video production on Sunday that I want to be completely on my game for.

So tonight, I’m going to finish some beer I bought over the Christmas holiday in North Carolina. I can only buy it there, and damn, it’s great. So I’m going to consume it, and jump back on the wagon. Continue reading “Ending my 31 day alcohol fast”