The making of a masterpiece. The Migrant Mother.

The story of how Dorothea Lange created perhaps the most iconic photograph in American history.

Also see this NYT article:

Dorothea Lange’s 1936 portrait of Florence Owens Thompson and her daughters is so well-known that finding anything new to say about it seems futile. Yet as with the Mona Lisa — to which the “Migrant Mother” photo has been compared — the image retains an air of mystery.

But “Dorothea Lange: Migrant Mother,” a new book from the Museum of Modern Art, offers fresh insights as it weaves a compelling tale about some little-explored details. Written by Sarah Meister, a photography curator at MoMA, the book comes out at a time when faces of desperately poor people in migrant caravans dominate the news.

“I thought, could there possibly be anything new to say about this picture?” Ms. Meister said. “But Lange is so important. I find her politics so admirable. Her sense of commitment and her ability to distill very important and complex arguments into imagery that made those arguments seem absolutely impossible to ignore. It feels particularly timely.”

Before your next insurance scam, be sure to fake it a little better

A New Jersey man who claimed he hurt himself slipping on ice cubes actually threw the cubes onto the floor and lay down on top of them to make it look like he’d fallen, surveillance video shows. Alexander Goldinsky, 57, of Randolph, filed an insurance claim between Sept. 1 and Nov. 1 of last year alleging he’d injured himself after slipping and falling in the cafeteria at a business in Woodbridge, Middlesex County prosecutors said. Goldinsky is an independent contractor who was performing work at the business when the incident took place, prosecutors said. An investigation, however, found Goldinsky lied about the fall, according to prosecutors. (video provided by the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office)

A dream is to have a little hut to seclude myself to and “art”

Whether it’s video editing, writing, drawing, or reading … I wish I had a little creative space that was completely separated from my living space.

This video in which Roald Dahl introduces us to the writing hut behind his house is awesome. He wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Danny the Champion of the World. Dahl describes his working routine and details how he’s designed his writing environment, his “nest”, to be as free from distraction as possible.

The timetable that speaks volumes

January 2017 = Trump inaugurated, GOP majority in both House & Senate.
01/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
02/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
03/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
04/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
05/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
06/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
07/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
08/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
08/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
09/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
10/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
11/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
12/2017 – Wall not an emergency.
01/2018 – Wall not an emergency.
02/2018 – Wall not an emergency.
03/2018 – Wall not an emergency.
04/2018 – Wall not an emergency.
05/2018 – Wall not an emergency.
06/2018 – Wall not an emergency.
07/2018 – Wall not an emergency.
08/2018 – Wall not an emergency.
09/2018 – Wall not an emergency.
10/2018 – Wall not an emergency.
11/2018 – Wall not an emergency.
11/2018 – Democratic majority in the House
01/2019 – EMERGENCY!
FACT: Border apprehensions are at a 45 yr low.

That’s in reference to the below tweets:

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