Did a porn site advertise on a far-right wing “news” site?

Out of curiosity for learning more about the inner workings of “the other side,” I visit conservative websites to checkup on what some people consider valuable news. My main go-tos are conservative championship douchebag Matt Drudge and “who-the-hell-reads-this-shit-and-thinks-it’s-news” Breitbart.

At homoconservative site the Drudge Report, the main headline of the day was about Michael Cohen being a rat. Then there are a zillion smaller links underneath that populate the page. I tend to go through the headline and smaller links to open several links in tabs to skim read later.

Yesterday, there was a smaller “headline” that read, “Frequent Porn Consumption May Increase Bisexuality.” Continue reading “Did a porn site advertise on a far-right wing “news” site?”