I can vouch for this dude’s self-reflected evolution and change of perspective


For me, it wasn’t the internet that changed my mind about the environment I grew up in. It was travel. And the more I travel, the more I live, the more I see it doesn’t have to be the “old” way … give or take.

I continue struggling with the idea that I shouldn’t travel and enjoy my life. That work is SOOOO important, more important than pleasure. Those who place too much emphasis on work and not on the joys of life are dead wrong.

The internet has been instrumental in other changes in my life, exposure to the idea that religion is a good foundation, but continuous personal evolution and not sticking to the repetition of old ideas, but constantly assimilating new ones is more important.

I like seeing the positive evolution of others and the sharing of ideas like these. To the writer of this, whoever Sam474 is, high five and cheers.