Let’s celebrate another growth spurt

The 2018 GSS was just released and there’s some big news. Those of “no religion” (23.1%) are statistically the same size as evangelicals (22.8%). There was also a small resurgence of mainline Protestants, while Catholics are down 3% in the last four years.

I’ve been quiet-er lately because of a few things going on in my world. But I have been meaning to post this video as well. It’s from the Atheist Experience, a TV call-in show that I occasionally watch.

In this episode, a man’s sons get their dad to call in. The kids are fans of the show, and their dad has been growing away from his dogmatic past thanks to reading different books with different perspectives.

There’s a part where the dad sits down with one of his sons and admits he was wrong on so many aspects of faith. And like many people who grow up and out of faith, he’s now teetering on the idea that all faiths have merit. I remember being taught how evil that was, but it’s merely a stepping stone to the giant, not so giant leap to acknowledging that not believing in the Judeo-Christian God is as simple as not believing in any other god.

It’s a good episode.

4 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate another growth spurt

  1. I enjoyed this video very much. It is really revealing how people still don’t get it that you cannot rely on intuition as a method to get answers. Unfortunately in my country we are still in the minority and I keep my mouth shut about not believing in a god. We also have a huge problem with people who don’t read, have little education and can easily be manipulated to believe anything they are told. Recent cases that you may have heard of, were where people were told to eat grass and they literally crawled on all fours like cows grazing. In another instance the “prophet” sprayed them with insect poison to chase devils away. A month ago a guy was ressurected from the death and rose from his coffin during a funeral seremony. It was found that he had been paid to do so and even after that, high standing people still wanted the miracle to be true and said there had to be a comission of enquiry about it.
    There are endless cases like this and these “prophets” can tell the masses any shit and make a lot of tax free money! So you get what we are working with, this side of the pond.

    1. I have not heard those stories. Oh man. Wow. So long as people are gullible, there will be these stories of hoaxes.

      Even in this country, I do not talk about my lack of belief. I’m not sure it’s all that necessary. There’s a certain level of distrust that comes with godlessness.

      It contrasts, though, with folks who do believe and aren’t self aware enough of just how much it comes up in their everyday speech. It’s as if they aren’t completely sure, so they must repeat it endlessly in their own insecurity.

      Thanks for sharing those stories with me. I’m going to have to look into that. Do you have any links you could share? I’ll pose them on the blog.

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