The disappearing dialect from North Carolina

I have never heard of this dialect located on the outer banks of North Carolina. After leaving North Carolina a few times to travel the world, I was able to better understand the dialect I was born into better. When you listen closely, you can identify the Irish/Scottish/English heritage in the rhythms and pronunciations.

For the record, I can pretty much pick out a North Carolinian dialect out of a crowd. Last week I was on an elevator that rode down next to another elevator. On the other one, there were two guys talking. My head said, “Those guys are from NC.”

“Where in North Carolina are you from?” I asked.

They both looked at me. Looked at each other. One of them said, “Thomasville.”

“Cool, guys. What do you think of Chicago?”

“Like it,” said one.

The other thought a little longer. “It’s different,” he said.

Yeah, it’s different.