Marianne Williamson is as woo as they get

I saw clips of Marianne Williamson wowing the world with some zingers the other night at the democratic debate. Then I saw some scant headlines about how she’s defending herself from being New Age.

Then I saw this page from one of her books and I kinda have to side with the idea she’s all woo and no substance.


Yes, sickness is an “illusion,” Marianne. That’s right. All those folks dying of all kinds of diseases are making it up. If only they had the mental fortitude to overcome their delusions of cancer, diabetes, AIDS, heart disease, etc etc.

Good for her for ruffling some feathers and getting attention, but damn. I’m not impressed with this level of weird.


7 thoughts on “Marianne Williamson is as woo as they get

    1. I watched her appearance on Seth Myers last night. It was from earlier this week. She’s hardly watchable. She has lucid moments that go incoherent. Not Trump level incoherent, but bad.

  1. As a stage4 bladder cancer person, you solution to Ms. Williamson is simply to laugh at her particular insight. Myself, I am able to accept a concept without acid testing each part of that thought. This is especially sad when considering, “what is your answer/theory?” Are you a Trump man? What might your favorite flavor of kool aid?

    1. I’m baffled by your response. It’s disconcerted or poorly thought out. I can read through the errors.

      Based on the above two comments, I think it’s clear I’m not a “Trump man.”

      Nor am I laughing. Nor do I feel that giving my answer/theory was necessary. Marianne Williamson is imposing herself on voters’ consideration. Not me on her.

      Did you not realize that your bladder cancer was imaginary?

      Regarding the KoolAid, I will vote for the candidate whose name appears next to/underneath/or over Donald J. Trump on my ballet. I encourage all Americans — republican, democrat, independent — to do the same.

      1. I appreciate the response.

        Would it be possible to explain how you caused your bladder cancer? The only cause I can tell based very minimal research is that smoking is the only cause that’s purposefully self inflicted. The other ones seemed to be inadvertent or indirectly connected to environment.

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