I love when somone’s brain wanders and wonders in the shower

I saw this collection of shower thoughts over at TYWKIWDBI, and read through them twice.

My favorite three (very hard to choose):

Everyone wonders where we go after we die, but not as many people wonder where we were before we were born.

If Satan punishes bad people, he must be good.

At the same time your parents were watching you getting older, you were watching them getting older – but you didn’t know it.

And Tina would choose this one if she had to:

The older you get, the more you realize that socks are actually a decent present.

The one about parents dying made me wonder about the reverse concept of showing up to see your parents or a friend’s parents and thinking, “We should be squeezing their cheeks and exclaiming (loudly so they can hear) ‘You’ve gotten so much wrinklier and smaller!”

On a side note, I visit TYWKIWDBI multiple times a day. I try to comment on Stan’s posts, but rarely see that they are accepted (if ever). Fortunately, I saw that he may be inadvertently deleting them.

So, Stan, if you’re reading this: I LOVE your blog, and try to post comments when I can. But I’m wondering if you ever see them. In an attempt to beat the system, I started using different logins to see if something would catch, which then turns into forgetting how I tried to post the previous time … the cycle continues.


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