Italian Newspaper Obits: Feb 9 vs March 13. Holy shit

This particular Italian newspaper saw a mere 1 page and a half in February go to 10 pages of obituaries …

I have people in my life who think the Covid-19 emergency is a conspiratorially political measure weighing against our president.

Last night I talked to a Trump supporting friend of mine who almost shouted that this whole thing is bullshit. People are overreacting. He claimed the economy isn’t going to recess and that the rebound of the stock market will shoot back up well over 30,000.

This morning, I was prompted to review my 401k investments, and we have lost $32K since January 1. I sent my friend a text and he wrote:

Our chances are good with the best scientists and health professionals on earth backed by the strongest economic wealth creator or earth we should be fine.

“Wealth creator”? An umpteen-times, bankrupted business man is a “wealth creator”? What?

I’m not sure how the world got together to conspire against the president. But I’d be willing to listen to your hypothesis.

I believe the “hype” in terms of being diligent to try and protect yourselves from this virus and to help not spread it to others.

I don’t believe we should be freaking out. But in the spirit of The Grapes of Wrath, we should all be working together for the greater good.

We’ve seen a downward tick in our business and our investments. No one is going to pay my mortgage … my bills, but me. And I imagine so many Americans are in the same boat.

I read about cases in Holland and in Italy in which so many of the infected folks are under 50, and many are in ICU and in critical condition.

We all need to bind together and get past political differences. This thing is bigger.