practicing safe social distancing

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 11.35.37 AM.pngMy local watering hole was trying to have a last hurrah yesterday, to which I stopped by until more than 10 people showed up. Basically, I wanted to have a sort of sendoff to a bunch of folks I really don’t see very often anyway, as I’ve stopped frequenting bars in an effort to curb drinking and encourage non-drinking ceremonies.

The owner of the bar was super upset about everything that’s going on. And rightly so. When I mentioned our business, she even said, “Damn, I kind of have only been thinking of my business … that’s horrible.”

Everyone there was staying 6ft or more from each other (for the most part). I know it wasn’t the most responsible thing to do, but I feel like everyone else … this is a scary, uncertain time.

I also talked to a friend who said his brother has the coronavirus and for him, it’s been a living hell. He’s now to the phase of just a respiratory issue of shortness of breath, no more fever or other symptoms. But he doesn’t wish this on anybody.

Different people are reporting different experiences.

It was an all around awful and yet enlightening experience.

I came home, and gave my dog Talulah a bath. A HUGE scrub down and then myself. I threw all my clothes in the wash and put on all clean clothing.

I just watched the president’s press briefing, and I’m certainly hopeful that his response to the financial crises reaches little businesses like ours. There was a stock market ticker on the bottom part of the screen and it showed a certain rise in stock activity. Phew.

We had a meeting with our financial advisor yesterday. We’ve seen a $45,000 drop in our retirement plan since January.

I will take a look at it again.

He also, rather rudely and not very sensitively, told us we needed to give over our 2019 contributions. At first we were like, oh yeah. Right. We’ll do that right away.

Tina and I are rule followers. But then I was like, Wait, if we’re about to go through an indefinite amount of time where we have no income, contributing to my 401k is just not going to happen. IRS can come after me. I think our welfare is much more important …

Anyway, stay safe out there.


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