Pigs are soaring over the frozen landscape of hell

This Covid-19 outbreak has been the challenge of collective current memory. Yes, we can point at challenging times. Many of us don’t know a first hand resource for so many terrifying world events.

Many of us do.

But so many brains don’t have a living memory of the great wars one or two or the Spanish Flu.

Hell, how many parents are anti-vaccination because they read an internet article and couldn’t make heads or tails out of scientific data, so they stopped treating their kids of diseases we’ve managed to vaccinate out of our daily lives?

One thought I had early on was: Maybe this Covid-19 horror story lead might more people to the power of science. As if I were a Pastor and this was my Good News Doctrine. I only told one person other than Tina. So I guess I’m not a very good missionary. Oh, I’m telling you … my one reader. Go, thee, spread the Good News, Great Tidings and Joy … and multiply. 

My point is that there’s a definitive science behind the disease, its cause, and spread. We know, because we’ve read the stories. We’ve seen the pictures and we’ve watched the videos.

But there are lunatics among us. Surprise!

And they continue to attempt to cast doubt. We have dipshits filming the facades of hospitals wondering where all the dead bodies are? Where are the exterior indications that the hospitals are so chock full of people?

People continue to wonder if we’re getting good accurate information, because even the president has waffled on what this thing is? Is it the flu? Is it a germ? We don’t know. No one knows. 

If I hear one more person say, “How many people die from the flu a year? And we’re supposed to care about this?”

And now scientists are predicting upwards of 200,000 deaths in the USA alone. I hope they’re wrong. And I hope we manage to keep the numbers down to their low estimates. That’s still 100,000 deaths.

But the president himself has changed his verbiage on what this thing is. He’s now convinced it’s NOT the flu. Says he: “But it’s not the flu. It is vicious.” And it only took him around three weeks since declaring it a pandemic to realize it. Fuck.

My best friend is a supporter of this president. He has told me that he feels safer and calmer when he watches the press briefings. “Well that makes one of us,” says I.

When I first talked to him about the virus and how we were planning to get out of Chicago a full week and a half before shelter in place, he took the stance that it was all bull shit. He started softening slowly, watching his own fledgling business crumble before his eyes. He just opened a brewery in January after YEARS of preparation, sweat, tears, and financial alterations to his lifestyle.

He’s now on board with the Covid-19 belief system that he told me he had to make two very difficult phone calls last Sunday. One was to his parents to tell them they can’t see his son, their grandson, until this is all over. Sorry. This is that serious.

And the other one was that he called his sister and told her that their parents couldn’t be her kids’ baby sitters until this is over.

And they all agreed.


His mom wondered aloud about the hoax to take down president Trump, and in what I feel is the biggest part of the story, he replied, “Mom, there are much more effective ways to take down a president than infecting the world with a virus starting overseas and ending up here.”

On Facebook, a conservative Aunt of mine on my wife’s side wrote this:

I was very blasé about this virus up until now… I finally get the seriousness of the situation…I’m very sad that I had to cancel Easter dinner at my house but trying to stay safe and keep our family safe.

This was after the following updates from the previous days of the pandemic.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 7.25.55 AM.png

A bunch of “terrified sheep.”

“I don’t do anything differently.”

Says she.

All of this doubt could have been squelched much earlier if our leadership jumped on board to lead those dumb “sheep” to enlightenment. I swear to the all mighty universe, if there were a democrat in office, the damn Demo-Rats, the libtards, the abortionists who shove science down EVERYONE’S throat, we would have been on lockdown in early February. The Super Bowl would have been canceled.

Who is pro-life now, bitches? It’s not republicans. They’re the only voices propagating the “Get back to work NOW! We can’t let this thing ruin our economy!!!”

So yeah, I’ve seen some pigs flying over the landscape of a frozen hell. 

I guess I am fire and brimstoning the “truth.” My hope is that this would usher forth the rekindled love affair or a general acceptance or a minor bump in, “Hey, what else is science right about?” type sentiment.

But it’s not. I fear.

It’s breaking us from a lot of science, deregulating industries to be looser on climate/environment related laws. And I fear that it’s going to usher forth a revival toward belief in one of the Gods out there that is so popular among the “sheep.”

“But, but, but Jeremy! Science is a religion!”

To which I say, “Okay. I see your point. Science takes a sort of faithful acceptance in the professionals who have spent their lives dedicated to observation, data, collective work in a single field, etc. It takes trust in those who have come before and have made conclusions only to change their minds after careful analysis and peer review.”

It’s not religion in the sense that people believe in a book written before education was prevalent, before germ theory existed, before simple literacy was a thing, before vaccinations and broad, well-informed education, before cameras and videos.

And while we have physical manifestations of people contracting, suffering and dying, captured on film, captured on camera, witnessed by real people who then tell us first hand accounts … the people who still cast doubt happen to believe in an unseen deity.

That, dear reader(s), is preposterous.

I’m wondering if religion fills a faith cup to its brim. And no other information can get inside because there’s just no room for it.

Dear reader, if that is you, pour out a little of what’s in that cup, if it’s not solidified. If it’s liquid and able, pour it out and fill it with something else as an experiment. See where you come out on the other side. It might not be as scary as you think.

I, from experience, can verify this truth. And I wish thee would believe.


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