Republicans for the empowerment and betterment of America

I was appalled yesterday that our president decided that flooding money into “law and order” is somehow more important of a topic than coronavirus. “Look at all the murders in Chicago!” Meanwhile, he drug his feet for how many weeks on a somewhat controllable issue that has killed over 140,000 Americans in less than five months.

Kansas City is confused about Bill Barr’s statement that there have been 200 arrests by the new Operation Legend, only to find out there’s only been one arrest, but 200 since January.

There’s a disconnect.

Yes, protests have been an issue. But it’s a bigger issue than defund the police, coronavirus, or politics. Mr. Trump is blaming protests on the surge of coronavirus cases, yet that’s not the full picture either. Simplistic minds search for simplistic answers to confirm bias. It’s much more complicated.

I am in full support of republicans against this president. I think it’s a best possible way to proceed. I would give my vote to any number of republicans who would work to lead rather than divide. But that’s the same old talking points that the media brainwashed me to think … so the debate continues.

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