Using an obit to communicate to our failed American leaders

I have a unique perspective, because of my history of working with groups at weddings or at large events. I’m a photographer. And the difference between a successful wedding or event lies in one’s ability to control a group into posing for photos.

People, in general, need strong leadership. If I want to herd any number of people into group portraits, the shier I am, the more difficult it is.

To achieve fast, efficient portraits, I have to use a booming loud voice and exact language. I have to be entertaining and bold. And I have to work quickly or I’ll lose the group. Drinks are much more popular than standing in a line and smiling toward my lens.

Then I have to take into account my years of expertise. Taking a photo of one person is hard; taking a photo of two people is harder, and it grows exponentially with more people. So with a group of two people, I’ll take two photos. With six people, I’ll shoot four or five. With a group of twenty, I’ll reach toward 10. Because inevitably someone’s looking the wrong way. Someone is blinking. Someone is yawning or making a dumb face.

It’s hardly scientific. It’s the facts.

This leadership part of me came at no small price. In high school, I was groomed to be a leader. I received numerous awards for leadership, including in soccer, in church, in youth groups, and in class.

On the soccer field, I was a pusher. I was loud and bombastic. I pulled my team together to be focused, persistent, strong and motivated. My leadership muscle was exercised.

I do not find many of those qualities in our country’s leadership. I see their charisma as being a draw to Trump’s base of under-educated racists. If we had true leadership, they would lean on the professional’s for advice and heed it. But that’s not what’s happening.

Trump and many republicans are missing the mark when guiding the herd to take Coronavirus seriously.

Our American leadership have failed us. They have failed all of us.

This Obit is one of a zillion ways we are whispering to the leadership that we need to be led. But it’s falling on deaf ears.

Just watch this clip of Trump genuinely convinced that 1,000 deaths a day from a commutable disease “is what it is.”

I don’t need media painting Mr. Trump as being a complete idiot to guide my opinion of him. I can make my own opinion based on his own words, performances, and complete lack of care and compassion.

One of my best friends shares these same qualities of mass justification for evil things. One time he said, “When you look at the big picture, there really won’t be that many people in hell.”

To which I responded, “One person in hell is too many.”

How could there be such vast differences between two people? How am I deficient in my views if I side with people who think that death and suffering for anyone is a pejorative?

What am I missing?

This obituary posted above is something I never thought would be a vehicle to tell leadership of their failures. And yet, proof is in the pudding. The president will never be convinced that suffering and dying Americans is negative. One death is too many. One hundred and sixty deaths is an apocalypse.

This line is everything that’s wrong with our country:

“Family members believe David’s death was needless. [The family] blames his death and the deaths of all the other innocent people, on Trump, Abbott and all the politicians who did not take this pandemic seriously and were more concerned with their popularity and votes than lives.”

It’s weird. I believe that our raging failure to this epidemic is a validation of my views that science is more important than religion. Faith does not make this beast disappear. It’s science and progress. It’s listening to the experts in the room.

But we decry experts for individual selfish egos. They don’t let me fly the plane, so why would I trust a business failure, an adulterer, an ego maniac to lead me out of a scientific abortion of reality.

We deserve better. We should demand better. But the wedding is now close to midnight. People are leaving the dance floor. People are vomiting in the bathrooms. The bottles are emptied. They are passing out, if anyone happens to wake up, they’ll either sober to the truth of how hard they partied, or they’ll reach for an eyeopener and try to drink themselves through their hangover.

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