Oh gawd. Speaking of conspiracy theories. Limbaugh promotes the idea Dr. Fauci holds a patent on Virus Vaccine.

The link will take you to Media Matters.

Man, this one time I was talking to my friend who LOVES Rush Limbaugh and he made this statement: “I love Rush Limbaugh. People who don’t haven’t listened to him or given him a chance.”

When I was growing up, my dad LOVED Rush Limbaugh. I’m pretty sure he still does. When he picked me up from school, we rode the 15 minutes back to my house with Rush’s bombast blaring on the radio. What stood out to me was his ability to avoid ums while speaking.

I’ve read and watched many clips from Rush Limbaugh. And admiring him is like telling me you LOVE Nickelback. You just have to give them a listen.

Rush is an entertainment artist. A confidence artist. He weaves just the right amount of truthiness with the dumbest levels of idiocy, packs it and sells it to his lemming audience. White, Christian men love him because he feeds the wacky racist hole in their collective hearts.

So does Dr. Fauci hold a patent for a non-existent Coronavirus vaccine that he’s going to enrich himself with … gosh … if only there were a way to verify that claim.


The world is a vampire.

My opinion of Lidl is in decline

Yesterday’s menu at Cafe Witteveen was grilled pork loin and zucchini in a buttery feta sauce with mint and orange zest. It’s one of our favorites.

On Saturday, I shopped for four days worth of groceries in an attempt to curb the frequency of going out in public.

The pork loin had an expiration date of August 14. Yesterday was August 4, a full ten days before expiration.

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Medium: Why Your Christian Friends and Family Members Are So Easily Fooled by Conspiracy Theories

I read this opinion piece at Medium with great intrigue. I’ve devoted much thought on conspiracy theories in my private journaling and public writing on this blog.

The writer explains three reasons people fall for conspiracy theories:

#1: Conspiracy Theories Make Us Feel Special.
#2: Conspiracy Theories Help Us Make Sense of a Chaotic and Complicated World.
#3: Conspiracy Theories Make Our Reality Seem More Exciting.

I recommend reading the entire piece.

It appears — at least to me — that people who are more susceptible to fall for conspiracy theory happen to also happen to carry a medium to strong religious belief system. This is not the rule, but an observation.

For example, people would rather believe that an immeasurable, intangible deity was responsible for all of life rather than the long, boring journey into science and evolution. A poofed existence is much more exciting. It makes people feel special, because they think they can communicate with that same being who magically created everything, including you. Science is a painstakingly hard, uphill battle when the brain is already jam-packed with a six-thousand-year old garden inhabited by two people with no belly buttons.

Yesterday, I was stupefied by the explosion in Beirut. If you didn’t see it, I’ll post it below or check it here. With something that large, surely conspiracy theories would follow.

I sent the clip to a few friends and family. I called one friend directly, as I was curious to get his insight. My immediate personal reaction was that it was an act of war and I felt his take on it might be interesting. Before even looking at the video, he gave me a history lecture on how Beirut is like Belgium. They are poorly run countries being overrun by fecund Muslims. Their governments are being infiltrated by them because the Christians there are not making new babies. Because of Islam, the countries are poorly governed and it shows.

There was no amount of, “I just want you to see this crazy event, then — and only then — can we discuss it.”

As the events were unfolding, tweets in Arabic were saying it was fireworks. There were certainly other jumps at conclusions. Was it a terrorist attack? Was it retribution for Rafic Hariri’s assassination? Was Israel making war not love?

Watch this and do some searching over the internet. You’ll find answers.

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