The spread of Corona virus is based on these two factors:

I found this grab at TYWKIWDBI. It reads, “The spread of Corona virus is based on two factors. 1. How dense the population is. 2. How dense the population is. A response reads: You wrote the same thing twice. What’s the other one? To which he or she writes: you’re #2.

Love that.

Stan also posted two British assessments of Donald Trump. You can read them for yourself here. But here are some standout lines:

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Ron Jeremy gets metoo’d … take ’em all down!

When Ron Jeremy gets a big kick in the pants of MeToo, you gotta take a look: `

Lianne Young still remembers in vivid detail the night Ron Jeremy sneaked up behind her on the Sunset Strip.

The adult film actress, who went by the name “Billie Britt,” was wearing a bikini inside the former House of Blues at a porn industry Halloween party when she said Jeremy shoved her onto a table and forced himself inside her.

The ordeal lasted only seconds — Young says she fought Jeremy off — but there were at least three other people from the industry in the room, she said. None of them reacted. It was the same when she told her story to colleagues years later.

“People were just like, ‘That’s Ron,’ ” said Young, now 45.

Fear of Jeremy’s stature in the business also led adult entertainer Elle Hell to keep quiet after Jeremy attacked her in Chicago in 2014, she says. Elle alleges that, despite the fact that she broke down crying and repeatedly said “no,” Jeremy forced oral sex on her and tried to rape her.

“You have everyday citizens who are already excusing and validating his sexual assaults because we work in an industry where we are ‘whores,'” she said.