Yin vs. Yang. NY AG vs drunk Janine Pirro

Click above to read a long tweet thread parsing the lawsuit against the NRA. That’s only one tweet of 52 tweets. It’s a fascinating thread. Or watch the professional assessment from Judge Jeanine and see which one feels better to you. You know, it’s a political thing. So one MUST side. Yawn. Yo Semite Sam screams, “Woooooo doggy … they’re a’comin’ fur your guuuuuuuunssss!!!

Let’s be clear. The dissolution of an advocacy group would not remove your second amendment rights. That’s like threatening your religious liberties are at stake if a demonic democrat is elected to office. Oh wait.

My media diet. What’s on the menu?

(Above) Bisa Butler makes large quilted portraits of Black Americans

Looking back at my posts lately, I’ve been publicly OCD regarding a whole myriad of political and social rants. I’ve pinched myself for stumbling on and off the internet losing the battle against Mr. Negativity and Anger. I caught myself and thought, “Hey, this isn’t the full picture of me.”

Over the past 20 years, I’ve taken “writers trips” or “writers breaks.” Where I purposefully devote time to my passion for writing. I feel like I’m on one now as we’re quarantining in North Carolina.

These last few weeks, I’ve been reading my ass off and watching some really interesting shows and some movies. Here’s a handful of this month’s media diet. I’ll rate each one to five – five being the best – in parentheses.

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I moved to Chicago in 1999. Twenty years later, a retrospective

In early 1999, I was dating a girl from college. She was a middle school English teacher, but back in college and in her high school years, she did a lot of acting.

In 1999, I was working at a weekly newspaper as a multi-hatted advertising sales, graphic designer, paper distributer and lackey. My ambitions were to make films and become a photographer.

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