And the first time Lichtman is wrong will be 2020 …

This professor predicting the outcome of every election since 1984 has been making its rounds. And it only concerns me because it seems the guy is due for being wrong …

Fivefortyeight is giving Biden a 71% chance of winning the presidential election. But Nate was wrong in 2016. Biden’s up in the polls, but so was Hills. Meanwhile, Biden’s competitor is bemoaning wind mills destroying real estate values, but not mentioning or mourning the loss of 165,000+ Americans to Covid. But when you think wind mills cause cancer, you can’t begin to know the bottom of his dementia.

Meanwhile legions of sick are pouring out of areas that saw very few cases. This one in West Virginia is astounding. Forty people who attended a funeral are sick, and they include ages of 5 month old twins to septuagenarian. There is a two year old in the hospital. And the downplay goes on.

Scientists are predicting the future of a Covid stricken world and it’s not pretty. If immunity to the virus lasts less than a year, for example, similar to other human coronaviruses in circulation, there could be annual surges in COVID-19 infections through to 2025 and beyond. Here, Nature explores what the science says about the months and years to come.

Or there’s that story that 97,000 kids tested positive in two weeks (TWO!!!) and that Fox News host is befuddled because she thought – four months into the pandemic – that young people couldn’t get sick, because, you know, Miss Information rang and she was quite convincing.

It’s 2020, and not only is Klu Klux Klan still a thing. But it has members and they are still doing shitty things in the name of race. Race. We all bleed red. We all share the same organs and varieties of internal everything. Our skin divides us? What lunacy is that.

Here’s a video that tries to show how police reform won’t work in America.

My prediction in all this, no matter who the next president is, Covid will take either one of this decrepit old whities and their VP will finish the term. And I’ll be happy to call Kamala president. 😉 And I’ll be horrified to watch as racism’s legs grow stronger and the rancid wranglers of riling ruffled feathers is whipped up into rage.

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