The rise of Qanon, your friends and family’s minds are melting before your eyes

In this video Kirby Ferguson discusses conspiracy theories and about the rise of Qanon weirdly attractive monster head out of the dark underworld. Qanon is poking its collective head into real world gaining popularity. People who aren’t identifying as “Qanon” are sharing the videos that are shown in this piece. I’ve seen them. And they are hilariously scary. They don’t make a lick of sense, but the person who shared them is CONVINCED – I tell ya – convinced they “make sense.”

“Magic exists in one place: in the human mind.”

People are afraid and when people are afraid, they let magical ideas fill the void.

So it makes sense that when you think the stories in the Old Testament are real historical events, it’s much simpler to find truths in wonderful weirdness.

Ferguson discusses:

1. Obsession with symbols and codes (e.g. pizza as a “deep state” code for child trafficking)
2. Dot connecting (e.g. linking 5G with Covid-19)
3. Behind every event is a plan concocted by a person (e.g. Soros and the “deep state” conspiracy)
4. Purity (e.g. the Satanic panic and heavy metal music)
5. Apocalypse is nigh (e.g. the “deep state” again)
6. Preoccupatio
n with good and evil (e.g. liberals are not only wrong but evil)

He also says, If you’re one of those people who are squeamish by my words, or dubious or want to write it off … he encourages you to strap in and ride … but I doubt most magical thinkers won’t make it too far into this video.

And for Jason Kottke, where I found this video, his big take away was this line: “These are not systems of knowledge, and they cannot build solutions. They can only criticize and second-guess.”

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