Pot meet Black Kettle. You can call Him Black for short

I’ve seen a few friends on Facebook cry foul at the idea that Joe Fucking Biden would be so racist as to ONLY consider a woman and ONLY one of color.

Good god-a-jesus-purpose-driven-life-of-brian-rickwarren.

It must be a Fox News talking point, because these people are clearly stupefied by this decision.

Here’s one meme:

It reads:

“The party that constantly says the right is racist and sexist just chose their VP based solely on race and sex … CHANGE MY MIND.”

I was feeling sassy so I responded to this one. I wrote:

Hahahahahaha …. let’s count the number of women people of color ever to sit in the seat of Vice President in the history of 45 vice presidencies. Let’s see. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 … zero.

Zero women.




Not one.


It is racist. It is sexist. You win.

It is, however, unprecedented. It is pioneering. It has never happened. The republicans tried a woman of whiteness in 2008, but it cost them dearly.

Finally having a woman, who happens to bleed red, share all the same organs as a man except for one area of inverted life giving beauty, to break the cycle of white man after white man after white man … that’s a reason to be angry or mad?

Well, damn. Pigs are flying over the frozen tundra of hell.

I figured that she might defriend me so I went back a few hours later to look for her in my friend list. Phew. She’s still there.

And this is the other one I read. Wow. Just wow. Racism is not breaking with tradition to nominate a woman when all we’ve ever seen in the past have been old whites with a stick up their asses. Determining that the person you’re going to choose is a woman person of color is anything but racist. If that’s racist, what is ONLY choosing a white guy for 45 presidential elections? Fuck all you shitty as racist fuckers who think THIS is racist.

I love you.

The Shack, a simple book that isn’t so simple

My birth mother and I have had an on again off again relationship since I was 18 years old. I was adopted by two loving parents at the age of three. My birth mom was a teenager when she had me, and it was no simple decision to let go of me, of that I am certain.

We’ve discussed my lack of faith. And she has encouraged me, beseeched me, to return to Jesus.

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