864,511,032,020 > 5,630,859,000,000

The number above that starts with five. The one that is over 5.5 trillion. That’s quite an impressive number, no?

If you don’t know what that number represents, let me tell you.

It should have a dollar sign in front of it. It should read:


It’s a number that equals the dollars the government has spent this year alone.

CNS News reported:

In fact, the $5,630,859,000,000 the federal government spent in the first ten months of this fiscal year is more than the government has ever spent in any previous full fiscal year.

Take a second and re-read that sentence.

Better yet, point your gaze toward this line:

is more than the government has ever spent in any previous full fiscal year

And if you think about that, and you scratch your head and ask, “What was the previous year that the federal government topped that number? Was it after 9/11? Was it when that bozo Obama was ruining our economy? Well keep guessing or read on:

Before this year, the record for federal spending happened in fiscal 2019, when the Treasury spent $4,487,143,040,000 in constant July 2020 dollars.

There is no question by most anyone with a literate brain that the previous upswing in our nation’s economy lasted from 2009 during the Obama’s second year in office after George W was responsible for one of the largest crashes we’ve ever seen. The Obama era economic boon lasted supposedly until February of 2020 when Covid, that damn liberal Hoax, ran rampant throughout the earth and caused one of the greatest head scratching pandemics of our earth’s history.

It’s not a mystery to many people that the federal government has been pumping money into the economy to bolster its failing numbers. I’ve heard it said by both republicans and by democrats. There is an artificial inflation of numbers. And while the stock market remains high, you’ll hear economists repeat with great frequency: The stock market is NOT the economy.

Whatever the dude in the White House is repeating that indicates a humming economy that’s going to come roaring back once this virus just goes away is a lunatic. Should democrats win in November, January is going to be another necessity for a sitting democrat to reverse the United States downward plummet in economic disaster.

Oh, the Republicans will hem and ha. Spin and repeat that the recession or depression will sit on the shoulders of the democrats. And no evidence to the contrary will suffice, just like no Republican I know recognized that the economy has been rising since 2009. The numbers and sources don’t lie. They bare the truth.

I remember talking to people in February of 2016, acting all like … look at how awesome President Trump is doing with the economy. And I’m like, “Huh?” He turned it around in a month?

It is magical thinking. It is clear that the first number I put in the headline is MUCH more important to making America great again than any number we can possibly present. It doesn’t look like it’s greater than the deficit, but believe in America when we say:


Another article cited in this post is here.

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