A celebrity casts her thoughts on Twitter. She is largely bashed by non-celebrity opinion fiends with absolutely the same level of expertise. No one sees the irony.

In nothing short of a threat to riling her own fanbase, Singer songwriter Taylor Swift took a swipe at the president for what appears to be a dismantling of the American postal service. And the responses vary from support to absolute disparaging.

How can this celebrity tell me what to think? And then they appear to give their opinion on the matter, likely presented to them in a format they can appear to support.

Isn’t this dandy? The language from some of these people is downright Jeremy like. Mean and unruly. “That bitch should just sang and not open her mouth about the orange turd that I love so dearly!!! Who does she think she is! Another person with an opinion? Make her stop so I can tweet something racist and sexist and stupid!”

Or you have a mother who expresses that she’s glad she had boys so she didn’t have to listen to her music. Yet, I’m pretty sure she has fans of both genders, dipshit.

Or there are people who say it’s the democrats who will take advantage of mail-in voting and would be the ONLY party to misuse it. That would seem to indicate that republicans are completely immune from misusing the mail to vote. Single party collusion. Dirty democrats are the ONLY ones capable of that evil.

Or people think she’s catering to Hollywood moguls who she might woo to get a major motion picture … ladies and gents, I hate to give you bad news, but she’s already done with Hollywood and doesn’t need to express left-ist expressions to get into their good graces. She could literally fund her own movie experience and still have enough left over to buy every American a house, a car and a device that helps remove heads from asses.

Or she’s a Soros-paid goon.

Or she’s a dumb blonde.

Or she’s an American with a position and a huge following who fell for a conspiracy theory.

Gosh, I wish there were ways to follow up. I wish it didn’t feel like a war every time we come to the table. But here we are.

Meanwhile, yet another conspiracy rages:

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