All hail the time bandit

Stan at TYWKIWDBI, a blog I love, posted this segment from This American Life recently, and I made a mental note to return to it when I got time. I listened to it last Monday, and It moved me to tears. So I want to repost it here. I’ll write a little bit about it below the fold. But do yourself a favor and invest 20 minutes of your life to listening to this segment. I’ll wait on the other side of the bump.

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Taking Trump out of the pledge of allegiance

Despite a way to verify the contrary to claims, the president continues to lie to wow and energize his base.

I read that Franklin Graham made a similar claim that God was somehow absent from the DNC. Funny, I thought God was everywhere all the time, whether we acknowledge it or not. He is literally standing on stage next to Biden when he said God five times — referenced Him multiple times — in these ways:

As God’s children each of us have a purpose in our lives. And we have a great purpose as a nation: To open the doors of opportunity to all Americans. To save our democracy. To be a light to the world once again.To finally live up to and make real the words written in the sacred documents that founded this nation that all men and women are created equal. Endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Among them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


That in America, everyone, and I mean everyone, should be given the opportunity to go as far as their dreams and God-given ability will take them.We can never lose that. In times as challenging as these, I believe there is only one way forward. As a united America. United in our pursuit of a more perfect Union. United in our dreams of a better future for us and for our children. United in our determination to make the coming years bright.


With passion and purpose, let us begin — you and I together, one nation, under God — united in our love for America and united in our love for each other. For love is more powerful than hate. Hope is more powerful than fear. Light is more powerful than dark. This is our moment. This is our mission.”


Thank you. And may God bless you. And may God protect our troops.

But I guess somehow he didn’t stand there heiling the Bible. And you can’t see God. So maybe he wasn’t there. Maybe what they told us in Sunday school, assured us, repeated endlessly to us, maybe it was all a lie. God isn’t everywhere. SOOOOPRISE SOOOOPRISE. God kept his presence from being at the place where lame old dudes make dumb fucking claims.

What they really meant was that there wasn’t a pledge of allegiance to Mr. Trump. That’s all. Allegiance their God Donald is all that matters. Flags. Bowing. Prostrate. Hats.

The battle over the all powerful who can’t seem to find his own voice, so he speaks through dumbfucks with no allegiance to their own book. Their own teachings. It profits them when they can give voice to the voiceless so that a bunch of people can go repeating it to their families and friends. “Did you know Democrats kept GOD from coming to their virtual conference. Did you see God? I didn’t.”

Poof. He wasn’t there. He was crying in heaven, longing, wishing, someone would send him an invite. That petulant child slammed his fists into his mattress, screamed in his pillow hoping Jesus wouldn’t hear.

Or the “they” claim that Democrats support abortion so that makes them all anti-God monsters! Meanwhile, they send their kiddies to a room with a person that tells them God sent a flood to murder all his children except eight 500+ year old people. And that same person says, “So you should think highly of God … or else. And by the way, his only begotten son needs you to believe in his murder and resurrection, or you’ll spend every minute of every hour of every eternal year tortured in hell.” And if those kids are lucky enough to graduate from childhood without believing in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny, they can carry that one “fact” to their marriages to then make these same “factual” claims to their children.

What monster kills off what he called his own children in a flood and then later tortures them forever in hell? And what monster deserves to be worshiped? And what monster, who is literally, not figuratively everywhere all the time needs to be pushed out of the room by the men who claim he’s always everywhere, watching after us, with is divine plan poking us in our collective tuchuses?

There is no end to the mysterious claims of those who claim what is not there is there, but not there, but here, but not there and there. And DEFINITELY not there. But here, here, here and here. He’s in my heart, not yours. He talks to me, but not to him or to him or her. Or the HIM in her head is a lie from Satan. And the voice in HIS head must be a lie from Satan, too. And HE definitely doesn’t know HER. I know. Believe me. And HE told me that YOU are not a fan, so you should die so that you can finally see HIM and then descend into a fire pit for the rest of the eternity … or something.

But he LOVES you.

He died and defeated death. For YOU. Love is murderous passion of life ending treasure finding missions. It’s torture. It’s not that funny feeling you feel inside when you see your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your spouse or your grandparents. it’s not that feeling of opening a present from your loved one and wanting to hug them so bad it hurts. It’s not that feeling when you’re treated with respect, honesty and adoration. It’s definitely not that orgasm of delight from sex with that one person you love the most.




It’s not those things. It’s that feeling that you get when you see your enemy getting stung by the viper, the hanging, the whipping, the lashing of that shithead, that Hitler, that democrat, that abortionist, that atheist, I mean that LOVED ONE, deserves!

Love is Love.

That’s it.

And if it’s anything else. Then consider doubting it, and taking it from there. Because, dear reader, love is absence of torture, of manipulation, of Supernatural claims.

When is the war over arguing what is not there is there going to finally end?

Ex-DHS claims the president valued Lou Dobbs as a ghost chief of staff.

Miles Taylor: ‘There was a time we’d say Fox host Lou Dobbs was the shadow chief of staff of the Trump admin. Trump would call us and say ‘what Lou says is what I want to do’ so if Dobbs peddled conspiracies, Trump wanted us tuning in.’