Vacation, all I ever wanted, Vacation, had to get away

Last Monday, Tina and I drove to Wilmington, NC to stay in the heart of its downtown and enjoy a few nights on the coast while our AirBnB in Winston-Salem, NC was rented by a nice Texan family who were dropping off their Freshman daughter to Wake Forest University.

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“You are not special.”

Someone recently sent me this screen cap of something one of my un-friended family members shared to her Facebook page. She is my aunt on my paternal side. Her feed is endless selection of Trump supporting, Blue Lives Matter bullshit. The obsession with spending time finding and sharing this shit is enormously wasted on these people.

This is a family member who shared it. I share their heritage and last name, albeit abbreviated with her married name. The red I saw after reading it was the brightest, laser light show beaming erratically through the interior of my brain.

The meme reads:

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It is a national tragedy

Believing blogger John Pavlovitz writes:

I think that’s the smaller, more devastating story we’re not telling right now; the one far below the bold type trending news. It isn’t America’s clear compound fractures of  partisan battles, issue differences, loud tribalism, and attention-stealing sideshow press conferences that are doing the greatest damage right now. The real mortal wound to this nation is coming from the relational internal bleeding measured around kitchen tables and in church pews and in neighborhoods. It is the interpersonal separations that we’re all experiencing: hundreds of millions of losses to collectively mourn every day.

We’re not just being pulled apart along political lines, but the fragile, time-woven fabric of our most intimate connections with people are being torn in two right now. Marriages, families, lifelong friendships, faith communities, and social circles that survived every previous assault from within and without—may not survive this presidency. 

And the worst part, is that the election results aren’t going to fix this.

I’ve lost and regained some friendships over political stress fractures. And I’m in the middle of grieving a fresh loss of a 39 year old friendship.

It’s maddening. Disruptive. Depressing.

The value of repeating lies is more important than friendships. The value of adoring a man absent of values is more important than friends. And I’m not talking about the president.