Underage Traci Lords was clearly underage. The porn industry was willfully duped

I mentioned that Tina and I listened to a podcast called Once Upon a Time in the Valley. It tells the roller coaster story of Pornstar Traci Lords. I’m not going to spoil anything when I say that she was under 18 when she leapt onto the porn scene with legs wide spread and a penchant for controlling her partners in bed.

I never had an interest to look up vintage porn until this podcast, and I found several videos that she worked in.

For a bit of a backstory, when she was 16, she borrowed another person’s birth certificate and was able to get a fake ID saying she was 21. In a lot of the films, she was “22” based on her fake ID.

And let me say, without any doubt or confusion, she was CLEARLY a child in these videos. I did some, um, research yesterday. The pitch of her voice is so girlish. Young girlish. It lacks the timbre her 18+ co-stars.

For one person to ever say, “Oh man, yeah, she looked and acted at LEAST 21 …” they are lying through their front hole and deceived by their libidos.

Maybe, just maybe, I can look at some of the still photos and see how a person could be deceived. But photos and motion picture are different animals. As soon as that girl opens her mouth, she’s unmistakably juvenile.

Keep in mind, if you look her up and find yourself enjoying the porn, she was at the time under 18 years old. For moral reasons, I’m not going to link to the movie I watched. But it is called, “It’s my body.” And the movie opens with a montage of Traci Lords naked in front of a mirror playing with herself. Followed by a sex scene and then a dialogue scene in a restaurant between Traci and another woman. If you want to skip the porn and get to minute 13, that’s about where it starts. I screen capped what I consider to be an egregiously obvious young woman posing as a so-called 21 year old.

That’s what I was told anyway. 😜 Below are examples of her photos. The one in a red bathing suit clearly appears like she’s older. But the pouty face purple lingerie shot is clearly a child.