Repurposed Volkswagon Beetle Fender into a little vintage kart: I’m in LOVE

I will take two of these gorgeous repurposed vintage-Style Kart Designed by Aldekas Studio. Damn-o-la. What a beautiful piece of machinery.

From Colossal:

Those looking for an alternative to cars or reprieve from public transit can thank Aldekas Studio for a new set of wheels that’s both stylish and environmentally conscious. The Mexico-based designer repurposed the fenders and headlights of a Volkswagen Beetle— which officially is the Type 1 model that was released originally in the 1930s—into a miniature vehicle named “Bugkart Wasowski.” The kart’s curved body is attached to a bright red frame, which contrasts the olive green exterior.

Bragging about telling horror stories to children

A friend on Instagram recently posted that she bought this book, “How GREAT is our GOD, 100 indescribable devotions about God & Science,” by Louie Giglio.

Her words:

The perfect mix of cool science facts and God our creator… in an amazing devotion book for science loving kids! My 6yr old son is loving this one!

My response:

“Oh god. No. This is not good”


Come again?”

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