Bragging about telling horror stories to children

A friend on Instagram recently posted that she bought this book, “How GREAT is our GOD, 100 indescribable devotions about God & Science,” by Louie Giglio.

Her words:

The perfect mix of cool science facts and God our creator… in an amazing devotion book for science loving kids! My 6yr old son is loving this one!

My response:

“Oh god. No. This is not good”


Come again?”

On page 48 and 49, there’s a section about the Rainbow Mountains in China followed by the story of Noah and how all the people had grown so wicked except for Noah and his family that God sent a flood to kill the living sinful creatures who filled the Earth.

Later, it talks about God’s love. He loves you so much. He’ll never leave you. He knows everything about you.

So what is it? He’ll never leave you, or he won’t UNLESS you are evil and then he’ll KILL you?

But the book, on every page that I read is filled with the “facts” of science and it’s followed by the “facts” of the Bible. And somehow these two things are cherished and teachable to children.

I spent a lot of time pondering the Bible last night and the stories that I was taught as a kid. I couldn’t watch an R rated movie until I was well into my teens, but the R-rated stories of the Bible were somehow acceptable. God smiting enemies is all the rage. There is nary a story that doesn’t include some violence. “Do not murder” is pounded into kid’s brains, but then you read the Bible and you get murder after murder after murder.

Cain killed Abel. Samson killed all the evil people in the Temple of Dagon. There’s a rich story of Samson and a donkey’s jawbone massacring Philistines. David killed Goliath. Moses killed an Egyptian. Herod killed John the Baptist. Lot’s wife was killed for looking back at God sending fire down from heaven to destroy Sodom & Gomorrah. First born masculine Egyptian children wiped out in one fell swoop like Santa Claus delivering death packages to all the homes without blood on the doorways. Abraham was going to kill Isaac, for the good of faith. The book of Numbers is a killing machine. 14,700 at one point. Babies bashed onto rocks. Women are frequently kept alive, for what? I can’t even imagine rape would be an option back when most everyone couldn’t read.

God murdered men, women and children (children!) except Noah, his three sons and their wives. Oh, and animals. All the animals on earth. And somehow we are their descendants, Chinese, Japanese, African, European, South American. All the languages. Errrrrything.

And these are the kinds of things that are in a book for children, parading as “facts.” Science, space, animals, physiology, complexity, et al sharing the same pages with Noah, a 500 year old man at the time of the flood, building a boat, packing it with animals, watching the waters flush forth. Noah, his wife, his sons their wives looking over the hull of a boat with crossed arms as children choke on water till their lifeless bodies floated face down downwards. And we are to believe the waters covered the ENTIRE earth, despite no scientific data to suggest it.

Say you’re a parent and your child wanted to watch a war movie, or a horror movie, and all the people, no matter how bad they are, liars, cheaters, God haters, they all are murdered on screen by the strong guy … you’d worry that your children would have nightmares. Right?

This mother who posted this book with enthusiasm, recommending it to all who care to see, is proud that she’s teaching her children that God-ordained murder is as beautiful as a sunset, blue skies, varieties of birds and as interesting as the Medulla Oblongata.

Telling them a bubbly technicolor story of two-by-two, cutesie pootsie animals while dead bodies floating all over the world because the creator who loved them couldn’t fathom any other option to get them to love him with unfettered worship was to kill ’em all. Kill them.

No trial. No second chances. Murder by drowning.

But the rainbow! The rainbow is the promise that God won’t kill people again by worldwide flood … what in the world.

In the face of adversity, the smartest being to EVER exist turns to genocide as parenting advice and parents don’t think twice about teaching their kids this, with love, and excitement, because questioning violence would be doubting Jesus. Jesus. The master mind.

The other day I was wondering about how I would have written the Bible. How I would have, should I have been given God-like powers, should I have been the one in control of setting the world in motion through time and space, should I have the ability to create men, women and children and give them the tools to recognize my existence, what would I write? What would I do?

Would I claim to be one being separated into three? Or would I be one being? Would I let my enemy exist? If I were faced with whether I should kill all the first born babies and children or kill Satan, I would kill the source of the problem. That would be the loving thing to do. Not force some uncharacteristically, insurmountable disease of “freewill” on people so that they can “choose” for themselves.

Would I promise to cure disease and create utopia after you’ve suffered a life of hardship, cancer, Covid-19, Donald Goddamn Trump only after you die? Or would I open my arms now, profess my love to my creation and give them true happiness here and now, unabashedly unconditional love with no strings attached. No conditions whatsoever. No hell. No waiting for heaven. Heaven is now if it’s so good for the dead, it’d be good for the living.

What in the hells bells is the purpose of promising eternal bliss after one, two, thirty, seventy or even one hundred years of trudging through hardships. Mind you. It’s not all hard. but without some hardship we would have the good, right? Well, for some reason that formula won’t exist after death.

Dang, people can be stupid.

It’s like thinking 5G is responsible for Covid-19. If it’s as fucking simple as flipping a switch from on to off … why aren’t the shit heads in charge flipping the switch rather than sending 170,000+ Americans to their death beds? Are we to believe that in areas without 5G they aren’t dying from Covid related deaths?

Jesus. What an asshole. People are dying — not just from the pandemic — and I’m told that a being is looking over the entire creation LOVES you.

In the world of my head, it’s a no brainer. My pea brain sees teaching violence, being violent, murder, death, destruction, horror … those things are “bad.” So concentrate on what is good. What is lovely. And what makes you smile from ear to ear.

Those things, dear reader, are available in parts of the Bible. But not all. So why, then, should one view horror stories as worthy, not only for children, but for adults?

How Great is our God? He’s so great that he can’t conquer the real enemy until his mysterious timing is ready.

Too bad the Bible doesn’t get a rewrite or a rework. A mulligan. Modern day lessons with modern day people. A culture that does what it claims. A culture where murder and violence are removed from its big book of magic.

Meanwhile, suffer, dear readers. He loves you. He’s always there. Except when he’s not.

It’s indescribable, because it’s so damn mind boggling.

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